Vol. 6 Núm. 2 (2020)

Western DAESH Women: Ideology, Profile and Motivation: DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18847/1.12.9

Juan Carlos Antunez Moreno
NATO JFCBS, Netherlands
Publicado diciembre 3, 2020
Palabras clave
  • Gender,
  • Western,
  • Women,
  • Extremism,
  • Terrorism,
  • DAESH,
  • ISIL,
  • ISIS
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The DAESH has been particularly successful in recruiting Western women. There are differences in their profile and motivation with their male counterparts. The DAESH offered an alternative to Western secularist feminism, substituting salvation for emancipation (empowerment without gender equality). DAESH´s Western women played different roles. They were wives of jihadists, mothers and educators of the next generation, recruiters and fundraisers for the organisation and workers in the segregated institutions of the Caliphate. They were also involved in violent actions when the time came, depending on the needs of the organisation. The analysis on DAESH Western women is often influenced by prejudices, stereotypes, and gender biases. Counterterrorism efforts need for the integration of the gender perspectives and needs for more women to detect radicalization as well as in prevention, de-radicalisation, and reintegration processes.