Was the formation of the CIA necessary? Controversies

GESI Analysis, 36/2017

Abstract: In order to understand the concept given to the Central Intelligence Agency in its origin, the influences that led to its formation must be analyzed. The CIA is not a product of historical evidence. The need for it was previous, but it were the recent attitudes and events that shaped the agency and arranged its clauses and limits. The CIA became a branch and a model of security analysis, taking "Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability" as the main moral code to secure an object.

The Effectiveness of the Drone Campaign against Al Qaeda Central: A Case Study

This article examines the effects which the drone strike campaign in Pakistan is having on Al Qaeda Central. To that end, it constructs a theoretical model to explain how the campaign is affecting Al Qaeda’s capacity to carry out terrorist attacks in the United States and Western Europe. Although the results of one single empirical case cannot be generalised, they nonetheless constitute a preliminary element for the construction of a broader theoretical framework concerning the use of armed drones as part of a counter-terrorism strategy.

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