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Miguel G. Guindo

Miguel G. Guindo

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Miguel G. Guindo is a European Doctor cum laude with a thesis about insurgent movements. At present he combines his work as a lecturer at the University of Granada with the coordination of the Master in Strategic Studies and International Security and the coordination of the Official Master in Cooperation and Development, Public management of the NGOD, both at the University of Granada.

He has been a researcher in projects like “The perception by the Spanish society of the Islamic communities residing on the national territory”, “The Next and Future Conflicts”, in the framework of collaboration between the Command of Training and Military Doctrine of the Army (MADOC) and the University of Granada (UGR) and the projects “Non-state actors: challenges and obstacles for security in the 21st century” and “The Armed Forces of Spain in the future scenarios of conflicts”, the two latter financed by the Spanish Strategic Studies Institute (IEEE).

At present, he is a researcher in the Project of investigation in the National Plan I+D+I CSO2010-17849, directed by Prof. Javier Jordán of the UGR, and a member of the Group of Investigation SEJ-113 (Andalucian Plan of Investigation). From 2005 to 2008 he was a Civil collaborator at the Permanent Observatory of the Army, assigned to the Direction of Investigation and Analysis of the Command of Training and Doctrine (MADOC) and a writer in the strategic framework of the Former Soviet Sphere and the Security and Defense strategies of Russia, as well as the specific areas of Afghanistan and Iraq, International Terrorism and the counter-insurgency strategies.

He is an author of diverse publications with titles like “PMC under suspicion”, “The Privatization of War”, “The challenge of the Salafist networks in the Mediterranean”, “The transnationalism of the Private Security Companies: a challenge for the governance paradigm”, “The Private Actors in Security: the case study: The Balkans”, “Old threats, new challenges: the insurgency in the 21st century”, “The suitability of the privatization processes: the Private Military Security Companies”, “Afghanistan and the future of NATO: challenges and obstacles of a common strategy”, etc. and a coordinator of a collective work, “Terrorism without borders: actors, scenarios and responses in a global world”, together with professors Jordán and Pozo Edit. Aranzadi (2010).

Regarding the management of scientific activities, he has been a coordinator of the University Expert in Political Violence and Terrorism (University of Granada, 2007), of the International Seminars “Counter-insurgency and radicalism in the global world” (1-2 October of 2007, organized by the University of Granada and the Institute for Counterterrorism of Herzliya, Israel) and “Future Armed Conflicts” (7-8 October of 2008, University of Granada). Also he was a co-director of two specialized seminars about terrorism, armed conflicts and international security at the University of Granada in 2009 (Javier Jordán, Pilar Pozo y Miguel García) and 2010 (Javier Jordán, Pilar Pozo y Miguel García), as well as a director of four Conferences about Security and Defense that took place at the University of Jaén from 2009 to 2012, with funding from the Spanish Institute of Strategic Studies.

With regard to the lines of his investigation, it is possible to highlight the new public management of conflicts, analysis of non-state actors and international security and the counter-insurgency strategies. At the same time he was a visiting investigator at the University of Tromso, Norway.

Contact information

Departament de Public Law. Building D-3 (Social Sciences). University of Jaen, Campus de Las Lagunillas s/n, Spain.