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Marién Durán

Marién Durán

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Dr. Marién Durán is an Associate Professor of the Department of Political Science and Public Administration of the University of Granada. She is also lecturer of the Master in Strategic Studies and International Security of the University of Granada, where she provides teaching on Security and Conflict Resolution. She is currently academic co-secretary of the Mixed University Center (CEMIX) of the University of Granada and the Training and Doctrine Command (MADOC) of the Spanish Army.


She has been a visiting researcher at the following universities and research centers: London School of Economics and Politics in the Cañada Blanch Center for Contemporary Spanish Studies (EU Institute) (2003, 2005) and in the Center for the Study of the Global Governance (2006); University of Montpellier (2003) at the Center for Latin American Studies (CEPEL); Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (Oslo) (2005); University of Bogaçizi (Istanbul) (2007, 2009);  University Autonomous of Madrid (the International Relations and the Political Science Department, 2007 and in the Workshop on International Studies on Mediterranean (TEIM) of the same University, 2012). She was selected in 2015 by the State Department of the Government of the United States, among the ten European women leaders to participate in the International Leadership Program ("Women Leaders in Peace and Security", December 2015). From February to July 2019 she stays as visiting scholar at the Department of War Studies, King’s College London.


She has participated in multiple national and international projects related to her research lines (international security, armed conflicts and conflict resolution, women and armed conflicts, civil-military relations, Spanish Armed Forces and international missions) and the political systems in Middle East (especially Turkey). Her national R & D projects go around political issues on Middle East. She currently participates in the following projects: "Emergence of political actors and reconfiguration of the public sphere in the North of Africa" and “Persistence of Authoritarianism and processes of political change in North Africa and Middle East: consequences on political regimes and the international scenario ", co-financed by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness and the Regional Parliament (Junta de Andalucía) and directed by Inmaculada Szmolka and herself.

Among the international or multinational projects she has participated in, the Multinational Experiment MNE-6 project "Cross-cultural awareness" (2009-2011) stands out first. This project backed and financed by the Ministry of Defense and the University of Granada, Dr. Durán was coordinator and principal investigator of the research line "the detection and integration of cultural factors in civil and military activities related to the operational environment". Likewise it also highlights the European project "Problems of Europeanization and European perceptions of Turkey as a future member state (2008-2009)", directed by Professor Hakan Yilmaz of the Bosphorus University (Istanbul).

She has also been principal investigator of the research project "Officer and Commander in Asymmetric Warfare Operations", (2015), co-funded by the Joint Center of the University of Granada and the Spanish MADOC. It was developed in the framework of the European Research Group on Military and Society (ERGOMAS).

She is member of different academic associations, groups studies and seminars, such as Group on Studies in International Security (GESI); Working Group "The Military Profession" within the European Research Group on Military and Society (ERGOMAS); Group of Research and Analysis on Public Administration (GRAPA); Forum of Researchers on the Arab and Muslim World (FIMAM): Workshop on International Studies of the Mediterranean (TEIM) of the Autonomous University of Madrid.

Her last publications are:

Durán Cenit, Marién, (2018) “Dual presidentialization and autocratization: Turkey at a critical crossroad”, Mediterranean Quarterly, Vol. 20, nº 3, September 2018, pp. 98-116.

Durán Cenit, Marién y Veiga Francisco (2017), “Political Islam in Turkey: from the periphery to the state and society control”, en Izquierdo Brichs, Ferran y Etherington, Political Islam in a Time of Revolt, Palgrave Mcmillan, pp. 35-56.

Durán, Marién y Bados, Víctor, The Political and Security Repercussions of the Islamic State in the MENA Region, in Szmolka, Inmaculada (Ed.), Political Change in the Middle East and North Africa, Edinburgh University Press, August 2017, pp. 281-300.

Martínez, Rafael y Durán Marién, 2017. “International Missions as a way to improve domestic civil-military relations. The Spanish case: 1989-2015. Democracy and Security, Vol. 13, nº 1. Pp. 1-23.

Contact information

Department of Political Science. Faculty of Political Science and Sociology. University of Granada. 18071-Granada, Spain