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Knowledge, the Great Challenge to Deal with Terrorism

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Revista de Estudios en Seguridad Internacional, RESI

Terrorism, radicalisation and violent extremism are great challenges in these times of uncertainty. This paper analyses the need to improve the knowledge to provide a solid foundation for the design of effective security Counter-Terrorism strategies.

Broad definitions of stakeholders are considered (including universities, think-tanks, the intelligence community, media, communities, and minorities and citizens), together with the integration of methods and techniques of analysis drawn from the social sciences and intelligence techniques. It proposes new approaches to generate knowledge through the integration of critical perspectives allowing an improved decision-making process that must be followed by continuous evaluations.

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Referencia completa: Jéssica Cohen y José María Blanco, "Knowledge, the Great Challenge To Deal with Terrorism", Revista de Estudios en Seguridad Internacional, Vol. 2, No. 1, (2016), pp. 43-62.