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Josep Baques

Josep Baques

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Josep Baqués in a Doctor cum laude in Political Science by the University of Barcelona/UB (2004). A Graduate in Law at the UB (1994); a Graduate in Political Science at the same university (1997) and a Master in “Peace, Security and Defense” at the University Institute General Gutiérrez Mellado in Mardid (2002). At present, he is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at the UB. He worked as a visiting professor at the University of Lyon II (France) in 2006 and at the University Pablo de Olavide in Sevilla in 2009. Also he was an invited professor at the University of Granada in 2010.

Among his many academic recognitions it’s possible to highlight various awards he has received; among others the Extraordinary in the Political Science Degree (1998), the Interuniversity prize for the best doctoral trajectory of the Catalan universities granted by the ICPS (Institute of Political and Social Sciences) of the UAB (2000), as well as the Second Armed Forces Award (2004). During these years he has been a member of an investigation group with diverse projects and competitive awards, all of them linked to the field of Security and Defense and with direct or indirect financing by the Ministry of Defense (IUGGM, IEEE, etc.) It is the case of “The Spanish Armed Forces in the 21st Century: redefinition of functions of the Armed Forces and the political-institutional profile of our future officials and sub-officials”, in the period of 1999-2002; “The relations USA-Europe in the field of Security: A temporary or a structural crisis?”, in the period of 2003 (September) – 2004 (October) and “Revising the concept of Security: the debates related to the reforms of the United Nations. The European Perspective”, in the period of 2005 (April) – 2006 (May).

In addition, he has made use of an investigation funding in a public and competitive call for projects in the program “Ruy de Clavijo” of the Casa Asia, which was to be applied to the project “Regional stabilization in Central Asia: the case of Afghanistan” (running in the year 2008). At present, he is a member of the research group of the project CSO2010-17849 “The Organization Structure of International Terrorism: Analysis of its evolution and its implications for the European security”, which pertains to the National Plan I+D+I 2008-2011, directed by Dr. Javier Jordán.

With regard to publications, he is an author of various books, book chapters and articles in specialized journals; partially, in the field of political ideologies and also in the field of Security and Defense. Above all we can highlight the books The neo-conservatism: theoretical foundations and political proposals (ICPS, 2000) and Friedrich Hayek: In the liberal-conservative crossroads (Tecnos, 2005); as well as a book chapter “The neoconservative perspective of democracy and the political participation of citizens” (Noriega Editorial Group/UNAM, Mexico, 2004).

He has also written articles “The Scottish Illustration: A deposit of institutions for Neo-conservatism?” (Revista de Estudios Políticos, 2002) and “The other feature of Jano: The conservative dimension of Hayek (Revista Española de Ciencia Política, 2009). In the latter of the fields mentioned, he is an author of the book The Theory of Just War. A proposal of the systematization of the “ius ad bellum” (Thomson-Aranzadi, 2007); a coordinator – with Pere Vilanova – of the book The Crisis of the Transatlantic Link: Temporary or Structural? (IUGGM, 2005/IUGGM&Thomson-Aranzadi, 2008, for its 2nd edition), and of the recently published book ¿Quo Vadis Afganistán? (IUGGM, 2011). He is also the author of the monograph The puzzle of Latin American security at the beginning of the 21st century (CIDOB, 2009), as well as of various book chapters: “The United Nations and the International Security” (Comares, 2005), “Terrorism, religious extremism and organized delinquency in the breach of the Nation-State: The case of Afghanistan” (Thomson-Aranzadi, 2008), “Historical and Political Clues of the Afghan Conflict” (Ministry of Defense, 2010), “State political authority and the world authority” (Iter, 2010), “The state as a pivot in the political system and its linkage to other actors: the case of Security” (Plaza y Valdés, 2011). He is an author of diverse articles in the same thematic field, among them “The war, peace and politics in Clausewitz” (Leviatán, 2001); “The European Policy of Security and Defense: Current deficits and perspectives for the future” (Afers Internacionals-CIDOB, 2002); “The scenarios of the post-Cold War and the problem of strategic transport (Ejército, 2002); “The profession and the military values in Spain” (Revista Internacional de Sociología, 2004); “The Global Security in the 21st Century: A Multi-factor Analysis” (Ejército, 2004); “The strategic amphibious transport: a comparative analysis of the Northern American and European potentials in the horizon of 2010” (Revista General de Marina, 2004), “A Preventive War as a Just War: An analysis of the supposed habilitants” (Global Affairs, 2007), “The Puzzle of Afghanistan: Towards the State Construction” (Athena Intelligence Journal, 2008) and “The Pathans: An analysis of their political influence in Afghanistan” (DT-RIE, 2010).

Contact information

Area of Political Science. Facultat de Dret Av. Diagonal 684. E-08034 Barcelona, Spain