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The two greatest challenges to global stability, security and prosperity in the next decade

In order to identify and analyse the challenges over the next ten years to global security, stability and prosperity (SSP), we first need to define what we mean by those terms. This is necessary if we are to achieve a common understanding of the subject of our study as well as to set the boundaries of the areas under investigation.

The 2% defense spending, an inadequate criterion for evaluating allied contributions to NATO

Since the Cold War the American Administrations have asked to their Europeans counterparts to assume a greater financial burden in its own defense. In the case of the Trump Administration the difference are in his explicit mistrust on NATO and in the brusqueness of its forms, calling ‘delinquents’ to the European allies who benefit from the dollars of American tax-payers.

Nothing Is Impossible; There Are Only Difficult Things. And The True Flavor of Victory Is Relished By Those Who Overcome Those Difficulties

In order to overcome the difficulty of really arduous undertakings, any leader must develop a dynamic and complex process of influencing the other members of his/her organization. This process, having to do with the technical part of the individual, has always had much more to do with the person's own behavior.

Mission Command: Tell the King That After the Battle My Head Belongs to Him. During the Battle I Still Need It to Serve Him

The title of this commentary is the response of the Prussian cavalry general Frederick William von Seydlitz when he was corrected by King Frederick II on the way he performed in battle. His answer became the origin of the concept of Auftragstaktik or ‘Mission Command’, as is commonly known.

It is not a new Cold War: they are ‘gray zone’ conflicts

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In a previous article on Russia and the Catalonian secessionism I mentioned the ‘gray zone’: that intermediate space in the spectrum of conflict that separates the conventional political competition (white) from armed conflict (black). Although the term is relatively new its content is old: the Cold War was in great measure a gray zone conflict.

Washington does not want a Europe united in its Foreign Policy

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With Donald Trump as President of the United States this affirmation may be obvious.  But my argument is timeless.  No U.S. Administration is going to foster the European integration process, and much less its Defense and Foreign Policy dimension. Actually, the United States not only will show any enthusiasm but it will do all the possible to avoid a political united European Union, regardless who may occupy the White House.

Cybersecurity challenges for Latin America

Cybersecurity is a topic that is obtaining more and more interest around the world. After the 2007 cyberattacks in Estonia, the world started realizing that cybersecurity is going to be a challenge they will have to address sooner or later, hence the creation of the Tallinn Manual by NATO two years later. This manual suggests how could cyberattacks be taken in the context of a war, but there is yet to exist an international law such as IHL regarding this sphere, nor there are any universal regulations whatsoever.