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After Paris: Securing Cities in the Age of Uncertainty

Barbaric terrorist attacks committed on 13 Nov. in Paris sent shockwaves throughout Europe and the world. Multiple sites in the center of the French capital were simultaneously attacked with assault rifles and explosives, leaving more than 120 innocent people dead and hundreds more injured. The attacks were attributed to and claimed by ISIL, planned and carried out by its operatives living in France and Belgium. The French government reacted immediately declaring a state of emergency and employing all available resources for a rapid response.

Walking in Flanders Fields

A hundred years. This is the time that separates the present day from the one when the first bullet was shot to initiate World War I, a global armed conflict whose consequences determined the History of Europe throughout the 20th century. However, despite the long time that has passed, today we can still feel and see the scars of a war which took more than 16 million lives between combatants and civilians.