It is not a new Cold War: they are ‘gray zone’ conflicts

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In a previous article on Russia and the Catalonian secessionism I mentioned the ‘gray zone’: that intermediate space in the spectrum of conflict that separates the conventional political competition (white) from armed conflict (black). Although the term is relatively new its content is old: the Cold War was in great measure a gray zone conflict.

Washington does not want a Europe united in its Foreign Policy

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With Donald Trump as President of the United States this affirmation may be obvious.  But my argument is timeless.  No U.S. Administration is going to foster the European integration process, and much less its Defense and Foreign Policy dimension. Actually, the United States not only will show any enthusiasm but it will do all the possible to avoid a political united European Union, regardless who may occupy the White House.

Dual Presidentialization and Autocratization: Turkey at a Critical Crossroad

Academic Papers

Turkey has suffered a process of autocratization in the last years. The political turn from a defective democracy towards a competitive authoritarianism is fundamentally related to a concentration and personalization of political power in the person of Erdogan, and to the influence of political institutions.

The political risk analysis

GESI Analysis 22/2018

Abstract: The nature of this document is purely didactic, since its purpose is to explain what the analysis of political risk consists of and how to carry it out. For its preparation, a bibliographic search has been carried out that, although far from being exhaustive, will allow observing the different approaches and methodologies of the political risk analysis. This document is intended to serve as the basis for one that will be elaborated later, carrying out an applied political risk analysis.